ANH=A New Hope ESB=The Empire Strikes Back ROTJ=Return of the Jedi se=Special Edition
=The Phantom Menace AOTC=Attack of the Clones ROTS=Revenge of the Sith
TFA=The Force Awakens TLJ
=The Last Jedi TROS=The Rise of Skywalker
HS=Holiday Special E=Ewoks TEA=The Ewok Adventure
ST=Star Tours CW
=Clone Wars TCW=The Clone Wars (CGI) 
R1=Rouge One S=Solo

Aggie Guerard Rodgers ROTJ (Costume designer)
Alan Roderick-Jones ANH (assistant to production designer)
Alan Tomkins ESB (Art director)
Ben Burtt ANH (sound designer)
ESB (sound designer/supervising sound effects editor)
ROTJ (sound designer/sound re-recording mixer)
HS (sound effects)
ANHse (special dialogue/ sound effects)
TPM (sound designer/supervising sound editor)
AOTC (sound designer/supervising sound editor)
ROTS (sound designer/supervising sound editor)
TCW (original sound effects)
TFA (sound design)
TLJ (sound design)
Bill George ROTJ (model maker)
TEA (spaceship designs)
Bill Hargreaves ROTJ (propmaker)
Bill Westley ESB (assistant director /ocation second unit)
Bob Shepherd ANH (ILM Production Manager)
Brian Osborne ESB (dolly grip)
Brian Johnson ESB (special visual effects)
Brian Lofthouse ANH (property supervisor)
ESB (property supervisor)
ROTJ (property supervisor)
Brian Muir ANH (sculptor)
R1 (sculptor)
Brian Turner ROTJ (creature technician)
Bruce Green ANH (assistant editor)
Bruce Logan ANH (second unit photography/miniature ,optical effects unit)
Byron Werner ANH (animator and rotoscope artist )
C. Andrew Nelson TPM (digital paint and rotoscope artist)
AOTC (digital paint and rotoscope artist)
Caleb Aschkynazo ANH (optical camera assistant/miniature and optical effects unit)
Charles Bailey ESB (model maker/miniature ,optical effects unit)
ROTJ (chief model maker)
TPM (chief model maker)
AOTC (model maker)
Chris Walas ROTJ (creature consultant)
Christian Alzmann AOTC (visual effects conceptual artist)
TFA (concept designer)
R1 (concept artist)
Christine Allsopp ROTJ(makeup trainee)
Colin Cantwell ANH  (additional spacecraft design:/miniature ,optical effects unit)
Colin Michael Kitchens ANH (assistant film editor)
Colin Ware ROTS (senior prosthetic makeup artist)
Dan Perri ANH (title designer)
Danny Wagner TPM (model maker)
AOTC (model maker)
ROTS (concept model maker/sculptor/special makeup effects artist)
Darren Robinson  TPM (creatures mold filler)
Dave Elsey ROTS (creature shop creative supervisor)
Dave Filoni TCW (director/supervising director)
David Acord AOTC (apprentice sound editor)
ROTS (assistant sound editor)
TCW (sound designer)
TFA (sound designer/supervising sound editor)
R1 (sound designer)
David Beasley ANH (model builder/miniature and optical effects unit)
David Jones ANH (model builder/miniature and optical effects unit)
Dennis Lowe ESB (effects technician/production and mechanical effects unit)
Dennis Muren ANH (second cameraman/ miniature and optical effects unit)
ESB (effects director of photography/miniature and optical effects unit)
ROTJ (visual effects)
TEA (special effects)
ANHse (visual effects supervisor)
TPM (visual effects supervisor)
AOTC (visual effects supervisor)
TFA (creative consultant)
ST (visual effects supervisor/director)
Digby Milner ESB (effects assistant/ production and mechanical effects unit)
TPM (senior special effects technician/ second unit)
Don Bies ESBse,ROTJse (model and creature maker)
TPM (model maker/puppeteer/R2-D2)
AOTC (droid unit supervisor/R2-D2 operator)
ROTS (R2-D2 operator/droid unit supervisor)
Don Dow ESB (camera operator:/miniature and optical effects unit)
Don MacDougall ANH (re-recording mixer)
Donna Tracy ANH (optical camera assistant/ miniature and optical effects unit)
Doug Beswick@ ANH (makeup)
(stop motion technician/miniature and optical effects unit)
Doug Chiang TPM (visual effects production designer/design director)
AOTC (concept design supervisor)
TFA (concept artist)
R1 (production designer)
Douglas Smith ANH (assistant cameraman: miniature and optical effects unit)
Duwayne Dunham ESB (assistant film editor)
ROTJ (editor)
TCW (director/two episodes)
Eben Stromquist ROTJ(assistant articulation engineer)
TPM (model maker)
Eric Edmeades CEO of the Kerner Group
Eric Chauvin ESBse (digital matte artist)
ROTJse (digital matte artist )
Ease Owyeung ESB (model maker: /miniature and optical effects unit)
ROTJ (chief model maker)
Frank Ordaz ROTJ (matte painting artist)
Gareth Edwards R1 (director)
Gary Kurtz ANH (producer)
ESB (producer)
Geoff Glover ANH (camera operator)
ESB (director of photography / location second unit)
George Krstic TCW (writer)
George Lucas ANH (writer/executive producer/director/editor/music producer)
ESB (story/executive producer/editor/music producer)
ROTJ (screenplay,story/executive producer/editor/music producer/second unit director)
TEA (executive producer)
E (executive producer)
TPM (write/director)
AOTC (screenplay,story/executive producer,director,editor)
ROTS (writer/executive producer,director)
TCW (executive producer)
Gilbert Taylor ANH (director of photography)
Greg Dupre ESB (second assistant cameraman/second unit)
Hal T. Hickel TPM (lead animator)
AOTC (animation supervisor)
R1 (animation supervisor)
Harley Cokeliss ESB (director/studio second unit)
Harold Weed TEA (creature maker)
ESBse,ROTJse (chief creature maker)
TPM (digital model development /construction artist)
ROTS (digital modeler)
Harrison Ellenshaw ESB (matte painting supervisor / miniature , optical effects unit)
ANH (matte artist /miniature , optical effects unit)
Howard G.Kazanjian ROTJ (producer)
Howie Hammermann ESB (recording technician)
ROTJ (audio engineer)
TEA (audio engineer)
E (audio engineer)
Ira Keeler ROTJ (model maker)
Irvin Kershner ESB (director)
Jamie Harcourt ANH (clapper loader)
Jeanne Lauren ROTJ (creature technician)
Jeff Brewer TPM (model maker)
Jeffrey Jacob Abrams TFA (director/screenplay)
JimMarlow ANH (propmaker)
Joe Johnston ANH (effects illustrator and designer , miniature / optical effects unit)
ESB (art director visual effects , miniature / optical effects unit)
ROTJ (art director visual effects)
TEA (production design)
E TEA (production design)
Joe Viskocil ANH (miniature explosions)
ESB (miniature pyrotechnics)
John Dykstra ANH (special photographic effects supervisor)
John Coppinger ROTJ (animatronics engineer)
TPM (animatronic model designer/creature effects crew)
John Knoll ROTJse (visual effects supervisor)
TPM (visual effects supervisor)
AOTC (visual effects supervisor)
ROTS (visual effects supervisor)
R1 (visual effects supervisor/story by)
John Mollo ANH,ESB (costume design)
John Williams ANH (conductor /additional orchestrator)
ESB (conductor /music producer)
ROTJ (conductor /music producer)
TPM (conductor / music producer)
AOTC (conductor)
ROTS (conductor)
TCW (composer)
TFA (conductor/orchestrator)
R1 (composer/ Original music by)
Jon Berg ANH (stop motion animation)
ESB (stop motion animation)
ROTJ (creature consultant)
TEA (special effects)
ROTS (model maker)
Jonathan Erland ANH (model builder/miniature and optical effects unit)
Judy Elkins ROTJ (key sculptor)
Kate Robinson ESB(second assistant cameraman)
Kathleen Kennedy TFA (producer)
R1 (producer)
TLJ (producer)
S (producer)
Kay Freeborn ANH,ESB,ROTJ (makeup artist)
Kelvin Pike ESB (operating cameraman)
Ken Nightingall ANH (boom operator )
Ken Ralston ANH (assistant camerama/: miniature and optical effects unit)
ESB (effects cameraman/: miniature and optical effects unit)
ROTJ (visual effects)
Kenji Oates ROTS (network assistant)
Kieron Mcnamara ANH (props)
Kim Falkinburg ANH (assistant auditor)
Kirk R. Thatcher ROTJ (creature technician)
Kit West ROTJ (mechanical effects supervisor)
Larry Tan ROTJ (model maker)
TPM (model maker)
AOTC((digital model development/construction artist)
Lawrence Kasdan ESB (screenplay)
ROTJ (screenplay)
TFA (written by)
Lon Tinney ANH (production manager/miniature and optical effects unit)
Lorne Peterson ANH (model builder)
ESB (chief model maker)
ROTJ (modelshop supervisor)
TPM (chief model maker)
AOTC (model maker)
ROTS (model maker)
Lou Elsey ROTS (fabrication supervisor )
Louis Friedman ROTJ (associate to producer/unit supervisor)
Madely Most ESB (second assistant cameraman)
Maria Cork TFA (hair department supervisor/ creature effects)
Mark Austin ANHse (computer graphics artist)
Mark Sullivan TPM (digital matte artist)
AOTC (digital matte artist)
Matt Sloan AOTC (lead animatronics foreman)
TROS (animatronics technician)
Matthew Wood TPM,AOTC,ROTS,TCW (supervising sound editor)
TFA (supervising dialogue editor/supervising sound editor)
R1 (sound effects recordist/supervising dialogue editor/supervising sound editor)
TLJ (supervising sound editor)
Michael Ford ESB (Set Decorator)
ROTJ (Set Decorator)
Michael Pangrazio ESB (matte artist: miniature and optical effects unit)
ROTJ (matte painting supervisor)
TEA (special effects)
Mike Arbogast ROTJ (special effects)
Mike Quinn AOTC (animator)
Miki Herman ANH (production assistant)
ESB (production coordinator)
ROTJ (unit production manager)
HS (consultant)
Droids& Ewoks (executive producer)
Neil Ellis TFA (costume prop maker/concept model maker)
R1 (costume prop maker/concept model maker)
TLJ (costume prop maker)
S (costume prop maker/concept model maker)
TROS (costume prop maker)
Nelson Hall@@ AOTC (model maker)
Nicholas Markel ROTS (previsualization artist)
Nick Dudman ESB (special makeup effects trainee)
ROTJ (makeup artist)
TPM (live action creature effects supervisor)
AOTC (creature effects supervisor: additional shooting crew)
Nick Gillard ANH (stants)
TPM,AOTC,ROTS(stunt coordinator)
Nick Maley ANH (special makeup effects crew)
ESB (makeup artist)
Nilo Rodis-Jamero ESB (assistant art director/ miniature and optical effects unit)
ROTJ (Costume designer)
Paul Hirsch ANH (film editor) )
ESB (edited by)
Patricia Carr ANH (production assistant)
ESB (assistant production manager)
ROTJ (assistant production manager)
Patrick Sweeney ROTJ (assistant cameraman)
TPM (effects director of photography)
AOTC (effects director of photography)
ROTS (visual effects director of photography)
Patricia Rose Duignan ANH (production staff/ miniature ,optical effects unit)
ROTJ (production supervisor)
TEA (associate producer)
Peggy Hrastar@ TPM (model maker)
AOTC (model maker)
Penny McCarthy ANH (assistant auditor)
Pete Ronzani ROTJ (armature designer)
Peter Kuran ANH (animator/miniature and optical effects unit)
ESB (animation and rotoscope supervisor/miniature and optical effects unit)
Peter Macdonald ESB (director/location second unit)
Peter Shillingford The Making of SW (additional photographer)
Peter Suschitzky ESB (director of photography)
Peter Taylor ANH (assistant cameraman)
Phill Tippett ANH (stop motion animation)
ESB (stop motion animation)
ROTJ (creature design/makeup designer)
TEA (special effects)
Phil Maxie McDonald ANH (props)
Paul Huston ANH (model builder, miniature and optical effects unit)
ESB (assistant cameraman, miniature and optical effects unit,
model maker ,miniature and optical effects unit)
ROTJ (chief model maker)
ANHse (digital matte artist)
TPM (digital matte artist)
AOTC (digital matte sequence supervisor)
ROTS (digital matte artist)
TFA (digital artist)
R1(visual effects artist)
TLJ (digital artist)
Ralph McQuarrie ANH (production illustrator/planet and satellite artist)
HS (illustrator)
ESB (design consultant/conceptual artist)
ROTJ (conceptual artist)
Ram Bergman TLJ (producer)
Randy Ottenberg ROTJ (model maker)
TPM (model maker)
AOTC (model maker)
Richard Chew ANH (film editing )
Richard Edlund ANH (first cameraman/miniature and optical effects unit)
ESB (special visual effects)
Rick Baker ANH (makeup/ second unit)
ESB (makeup artist )
Rick McCallum ANHse (producer)
ESBse (producer)
TPM (producer)
AOTC (producer)
ROTS (producer)
CW (executive producer)
Rob Coleman TPM (animation director)
AOTC (animation director)
ROTS (animation director)
TCW (animation consultant
Robart Watts ESB (associate producer)
ROTJ (co-producer)
Roberta Friedman ANH (optical coordinator)
ESB (optical coordinator)
Robin Grantham ANH (makeup artist)
Roger Christian ANH (set decorator)
TPM (second unit director)
Roger Nichols ESB (effects engineer/production and mechanical effects unit)
ROTJ (special effects technician)
Ron Hone ESB (robot fabrication,supervision/production,mechanical effects unit)
ROTJ (chief electronics technician)
Ron Nathan ANH (production staff:/miniature and optical effects unit)
Ron Punter ANH (art department painter)
Ronnie Taylor ANH (camera operator)
Roy Arbogast ROTJ (special effects supervisor)
Roy Rodgers ESB (sculptor)
Sean Casey ROTJ (model maker)
TPM (visual effects production/technical support)
Selwyn Eddy III ANH (computer graphics artist)
ESB (assistant cameraman/miniature and optical effects unit)
ROTJ (effects cameraman)
ST (effects cameraman)
Steve Gawley ANH (model builder/miniature and optical effects unit)
ESB (modelshop foreman/miniature and optical effects unit)
ROTJ (modelshop supervisor)
ST (model shop supervisor)
Stuart Freeborn ANH (makeup supervisor)
ESB (makeup and special creature design)
ROTJ (makeup designer)
Tom Martinek ANHse (senior digital effects artist)
ROTJse (lead digital effects artist)
Thomas G. Smith ROTJ (general manager)
TEA (producer)
E (producer)
Tony Dyson ANH (R2-D2 design ,built)
Tony McVey ROTJ (key sculptor)
TPM (concept sculptor)
AOTC (concept sculptor)
Valerie Sofranko ROTJ (props & costumes)